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Make sure to include all that are stated below :
.full name
.handphone's number ( for Pos Ekspress )
.item(s) code
.delivery method (hand delivery or postage)
.method of payment (maybank/cimb/bimb or C.O.D)

Wait for the confirmation on the availability of the item(s) by email within 24 hours.

Upon confirmation, account details will be given together with the total amount including postage.

Payment must be made within 48 hours (2 days).


Restocking will be done if there is any request and depending on the supplier's availability.

Thank you <3


Wednesday, January 13, 2010



We would like to apologize if we didn't reply your mail within the time stated in our previous policy.

But currently, we are seriously super acquainted with our university's stuffs. T_T
Which means, we really doesn't have the time to reply your mail within 24 hrs. 

So, we'll probably be on HIATUS

IF and only if we manage to squeeze some time to reply, we'll reply it on the weekend, as both of us are staying in KL while studying in Shah Alam and we drive back n forth. heehe. 

Thanks for reading this and We'd hope you'd understand if we didn't reply you A.S.A.P >.<

with love,
The Little Azaleas


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